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General Rules of Conduct and Discipline :

General Regulations :

  • Good manners and polite behavior is part of education. Students are expected to demonstrate an increasing self discipline with age and to exercise to freedom given to them responsibly. Refinement of manners, uprightness, and self restraint should be a characteristic of every student of school.
  • They should treat all members of the staff and all adults with respect and politeness. They should show gentleness and courtesy to their companions.
  • When the bell is rung the students must go into their respective classrooms. The class rooms must be neat and tidy and looked after by the class Monitor.
  • Silence to be strictly observed during class hours and during the change of teachers or when going from one class to another. During the absence of a teacher, students must obey the monitor of the class.
  • Those who have been absent and those who come late, must show the teacher their regularity record duly counter signed by the principal/authorized stuff for discipline.
  • No outsiders including parents are allowed to visit the classrooms.
  • Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of the books and belongings which must be marked clearly with their names.
  • No silver or gold jewellery is allowed to be worn by the students and the school authorities will not take any risk over that.
  • Any damage to school property must be remedied at the cost of the person responsible for the damage.
  • Students are forbidden to bring transistors, radios, watches, tape-records, mobile phones etc. No books, periodicals or magazines of any kind other than school and library books may be brought to the school.
  • Any complaint or suggestion regarding pedagogy, curriculum etc., should be made to the principal.

To Parents & Guardians :

  • Parents are requested to see that their children attend school punctually and to ensure that the persons who come to take the children home are there at the time the school closes.
  • The school will not be responsible for the safety of your child after 1.30 p.m. unless previously intimated. Identity Cards are issued from the school office and it is advisable that this ID card be retained with the person authorized to take the child from the school.
  • Parents and guardians are not allowed to see their cchildren or interview the teachers during the school hors without the permission of the Principal.
  • Parents are requested not to take their children for holiday before the said dates for vacation, and not to extend the vacation. No leave of absence for the child will be granted without a previous written application from the parent/guardian.
  • All correspondence regarding the students is to be addressed to the Principal.
  • Parents are requested to co-operate with the work of the school by enforcing regularity and discipline by taking general interest in the children's progress and by attending Parent-Teacher meeting when requested. Parents can also make use of this opportunity to check the marks obtained in the answer script and to discuss the problems of their child with the teachers.
  • No gift or personal favors should be done for the teachers or other stuff without the permission of the principal.
  • Parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities in matters of discipline, regular hours of study at home and regular attendance at school.
  • Parents and guardians ane requested to see that the pupil come to school in school uniform and always wear clean socks and shoes.
  • No leave of absence is granted excepted on prior written application from the parents or guardians and that too only for serious reason which should be mentioned
  • There is no re-examination in case of a student who is absent for any examination or tests. If students cannot appear for the annual examination due to illness, the promotion of such student will be considered on the progress and performances during the academic year.


Always speak the truth

Respect your teachers

Obey your parents

Honor the elders

Help your fellow students

Be punctual at all times

Get your doubts cleared then and there

Never speak evil of anyone

keep your words soft and sweet

Do everything decently and in order