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School Uniform

a. The School uniform is important and students should come to the school wearing a neat and tidy uniform. Untidiness in dress damages the image of the student and the school.

b. All children are requested to come in uniform, white socks, black shoes on all days. Any student who does not wear the correct uniform may be refused entry to the class.

c. The pattern of the School uniform should be as prescribed by the School. To ensure uniformity, the uniform must be obtained from the authorized School tailor, no other shape or pattern will be permitted.

d. Address of the authorized tailor: Lalmohan Uniform & More..., Haritala, Barasat, Cont.No.9830077412, 9432322083

e. Whenever complete or correct uniform cannot be worn, permission to attend class must be obtained on Regularity Record under 'Uniform', before or after the morning assembly.